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Most of the US information is based in The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Hand Out Guides, Boaters E-Mail, Various Tourism Guides and Personal Experience. This page is being developed daily and pages are modified as information becomes available. If you have any favorite lakes you would like to add information to, feel free to enter the information on the form below by pressing Here!
Some lakes have restricted horse power limits. Please call ahead if you plan on visiting an unfamiliar lake, phone numbers have been posted in most of the listings for your convenience.

Popular lakes state by state.
* Designates Live Camera Shots

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Walt Disney had a goal to develop an amusement park with the intent of never finishing it. In other words; "always add more as ideas develop". Our goal is similar, to never finish this web site. Our mission is to list every popular and even those not so popular lakes for all boaters to use as an information source. Of course that is a task in itself. Of course all lakes don't offer unlimited boating opportunities, but for those that do, we would like to list all of them. So if you see any we have left out and  you would like to contribute information to help us build a free and more informative web site for all boaters please send us an e-mail. Thank you from all of us at Boating America!



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